Account Management Service

We at Commodity Guru offer Account Management Service also for our subscribers.

Our Speciality -:

Currency Account Management Service

For the Investors who don’t want to get into market volatility the whole day but want to make Huge Profits every month !!

Minimum Investment Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rupees Two Lakhs Only).

You will open an account with us and your money will remain in your account only.

Only US Dollar $ will be traded in your account. As it is a stable and liquid currency.

Daily Contract Notes will be sent to you by email notifying you about the daily transactions done in your account.

Hence you will be knowing your balance, trading activities in your account on daily basis.
No Long term waiting for the results !!

Trading is done by our Proprietary Software having great accuracy!!
 This eliminates the human emotional errors and losses arising out of it.

So far the accuracy of the software is above 70%. So you can expect great profits for years to come..

You can decide the risk percentage as per your comfort Level. So that you will be assured that the maximum risk

will be as per your comfort only.

We work on Profit Sharing basis. Every month, 70% profit made in your account will be your’s and 30% will be


So now make a smart move in Investing..
Start Trading in World’s Biggest Market Forex towards your dream of financial freedom…

Documents needed to open the Currency Trading a.c. are as follows -:

1. PAN card copy. 2. Residence Proof. 3 2Passport sized Photographs. 4. 6 Month’s Bank Statement.
5. Investment cheque from the same bank account.

Commodity Account Management (MCX segment) -:
We have 2 Account Management Strategies for our esteemed clients -:

1.      Defensive -:
                        In this Strategy, We will play very defensive. Our first concern will be not to lose money and after that to make decent profits for the clients. Most of the time, we trade positional. 90% of the trading will be done in the safe heaven Gold. We will buy gold equivalent to the funds in you’re a.c. in dips and hold on the position till it gives the desired profit. No stop loss will be used here as there will be no load in the a.c. if gold falls significantly, we will buy additional there and finally exit in profit. Very less risk is associated  in this style of trading.

2.      Aggressive-:  (Robot Trading)
                        In this strategy, we will play mostly on intraday basis. We use a
Specialized Trading Robot. No human intervention is made. All the trading decisions are taken by the robot. Hence one can expect completely non emotional trading with high success ratio. No position will be carried forward for the next day. We will trade in mini, regular lots here to make more profits.

In this service,

1. You have to open an a.c. with us.
2. Minimum A.C. Balance should be Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh Only).
3. You can decide the commodities you want us to trade in your a.c.
4. You can decide the maximum loss you can afford to take. (This is very important. As you will be sure that you will not get loss more than you have instructed.)
5. We will give your account for trading to our professional traders.
6. You will get daily contract notes for the trades made in your account. So that you will be updated about the profit/ loss in your account on daily basis.
7. We work on profit sharing basis. Every month, you need to pay only 30% of the profit made in your a.c. 70% of the profit will be yours.
8. You can withdraw part or full funds available in your a.c. anytime by giving a written instruction to us. The Funds will be withdrawn as per your instructions by electronic bank transfer or by cheque.
9. Call us on 0922 564 7615 for more details on Account Management Service.

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